Toppers. A recent initiative at ParkCeltic Summerhill was the presentation of tops by generous sponsors to the club's under-age players.

ParkCeltic Summerhill FC puts focus on soccer for all

ParkCeltic Summerhill are, says their PRO Louise Hayes, among the clubs in the vanguard of a new and growing trend in soccer.

The club, she points out, has as many female footballers as male. It's an indication of a club that is very much looking to provide opportunities for players of both gender as it looks to build for the future.

"The club is one of the largest in the South Meath area and currently caters for boys and girls of all ages with twenty one teams participating in the NESCL and NEFL, including senior men's and women’s team," explains Louise.

ParkCeltic Summerhill FC was founded in 2009 with the amalgamation of local clubs Agher Park FC and Summerhill Celtic FC.

"ParkCeltic Summerhill FC have grown from strength to strength and recently had 21 coaches undertake the FAI PDP1 coaching course to help with our player development plans," the PRO added.

"A new initiative was introduced which provided every player with a complimentary training top which was generously sponsored by our local businesses. If anyone is interested in joining our club please don’t hesitate to contact us."

Like soccer clubs at any level finance is a big issue for ParkCeltic Summerhill and recently as part of the drive to raise funds they held their golf classic - and the venture was well supported.

"Finances is always a factor, we are looking at making some improvements to the club but in the current climate everyone is under pressure and it can be difficult to get sponsors but we are very grateful to those who have and are supporting us."

As part of the soccer education of young players at ParkCeltic Summerhill trips are organised to see big club and international games. It's an laudable attempt to show what a player can become if he or she keeps working on their game to maximise their potential.

Among the trips embarked on in recent weeks was a journey up to see League of Ireland team St Patrick's Athletic play. The Inchicore club is managed by Timmy Clancy, a sister of Louise Hayes.

"The club brought a group of u-12 boys up to see St Pat's. We also brought a group up to support the women's international team. Maybe some of the players at our club can go on to play at the highest level who knows."

Below are photos from recent ParkCeltic Summerhill events including the club's golf classic.

ParkCeltic Summerhill coaches participating in the FAIPDO1 training.
ParkCeltic Summerhill's generous sponsors (left to right): Drumlargan Construction Ltd, Eirtrans Ltd, Centra Summerhill and WD Electrical Contractors.
Some of the golfers who took part in the Park Celtic Summerhill classic.