Galina and Nina Vituk are travelling to Trim

Trim woman's Ukraine rescue mission appeal

Luba Healy who set out on a 6,000km round trip mission to rescue her mother and grandmother from Ulkraine has run into difficulties on the last leg of the return journey.

She is now appealing for help – from anyone who might be prepared to swap their place on a ferry to Rosslare with the exhausted group who want to get her frail and exhausted 98 year old grandmother safely to Ireland.

“We have been delayed and won't make our 9pm sailing from France to Rosslare tonight and the next available sailing we can get tickets for is next Tuesday," the Trim businesswoman said.

“My Nan is exhausted, sick and in pain. She is confused and needs to get settled. The journey has been very difficult for her."

Luba explains that they experienced several delays.

“The traffic queues in Poland were unbelievable but we had to stop ravelling last night because Nana was sick, her blood pressure was high and she was in pain.

“We won't make our sailing tonight and the next sailing we can get tickets for is on Tuesday.

“I am appealing to anyone who could swap with us with to help," she says.

Luba, who travelled to Ukraine with her husband Eugene, son Francis and family friend Diarmuid Dawson was reunited with her Grandmother Galina Vituk and her mother Nina on Monday afternoon.

“I have my precious cargo on board,” she said.

The journey from her home town of Haivoron in central Ukraine to the area inside Ukraine close to the Polish border where they met was difficult for the group fleeing the warn torn country.

“There were sirens started going off. They thought about looking for shelter, decided to ignore them, take a chance and keep on travelling. It took them about 10 hours to get to the petrol station near the border where they waited for us,” Luba explains.

As well as her Mum and Nana, the Trim woman is also bringing five friends including a four year old girl and three dogs back to Ireland.