Fuel Survey: We're on the road looking for the lowest and highest diesel and petrol prices

You can't but have failed to notice just how pricey filling the car, van and truck has become over the last few months.

Motorists, and particularly rural motorists and commuters are being bled dry as fuel prices continue to soar, diesel now tipping on average, €1.55 a litre!

And that was before a Carbon Tax spike put 2.5c more on the cost of a litre of fuel.That measure alone, on top of the current eye-watering prices will set a driver filling a car with 50 litres a week back another €50 a year.

With that in mind, the Meath Chronicle is looking to find out just where the cheapest and most expensive litre of unleaded is to be found and just where the dearest diesel is best avoided.

This Friday (15th October) our team will be on the road across the county gauging prices at the filling station forecourts and sharing them with you. We will bring you as comprehensive a list as we can, covering as much of the county as we can.

Join in... Share the prices from your local stations with us and tell us your stories. How much does is cost to keep your car running each week, are you part of a two car family, have you any access to public transport, is it even an option? Are you commuting to Dublin and how are soaring fuel costs impacting you and your pocket.

Send your stories to noelle.finegan@meathchronicle.ie