Andy McEntee

McEntee out?

Meath manager not ratified by Co Board Executive

Meath GAA could be on the look out for a new senior football manager after the Executive Committee of the Co Board last night voted to recommend to their delegates not to ratify Andy McEntee for a sixth year in charge.

The Meath GAA Executive Committee met last night to discuss McEntee's reappointment, but after a long debate the decision to ratify the manager for another term was defeated by eight votes to seven.

That decision will now go to a Co Board meeting of club delegates where a vote on McEntee's future will be made.

McEntee was returned as Meath manager in September 2019 for a three-year term, but as always has been the case each year is reviewed and the Executive Committee believe they need a new manager in charge to bring Meath football into the future.

Meath GAA said they will not be commenting further on this issue at this time.