Fr Ray’s Hallelujah Day... New single to mark seven year anniversary of viral video

It is seven years today since Fr Ray Kelly made his presence known when he sang Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ at a wedding and the video of the occasion went viral. it would give the Oldcastle parish priest the opportunity to record two albums over time as well as become a household name thanks to appearances on Dancing with the Stars and Britain's Got Talent.

“This week I am proud to release the first single of my forthcoming third album and as luck has it, it is indeed called Hallelujah Day.

“It is my song of hope. A song to bring light and on this Easter Day, a song of resurrection for all of you.

“As we journey through this Covid-19 pandemic, I know many people have experienced their own crucifixion through serious illness or indeed the loss of a loved one. But through it all we must have hope. My wish is that this song brings light and hope into all your lives.

“Happy Easter everyone,” Fr Ray.

And here's Fr Ray singing Hallelujah for the Meath Chronicle at Christmas

And here;s that famous 'original' version...

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