Navan singer -songwriter Brian Clarke, aka BC.

BC gets his 'Heart's Desire'!

DEBUT Musician Brian Clarke out on his own

Navan’s Brian Clarke has just released his debut single, 'Heart’s Desire'.

Known locally for his guitar playing and after building a reputation as a gigging musician as part of several bands over the years, Clarke is now out on his own as a singer-songwriter.

Going under the artist name of 'BC', Heart’s Desire pushes Clarke front and centre for the first time in his music career.

“I’ve always written songs but, I never had any plans to be a singer or a front-man as such. I was happy at the side, playing my guitar, sipping a beer between songs. But now and again at cover gigs, I’d be let sing a song or two and it always seemed to go down very well with the crowd so, it developed from there I guess. I have these songs so why not?” says Clarke, before adding, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, “No one has told me to shut up or thrown a shoe at me yet so that’s always a good sign”

Recorded in Black Mountain Studios in Dundalk, Clarke plays every instrument on the track, excluding drums, played by local session musician, Eddie Mann.

Heart’s Desire is a raw, in your face, energetic rocker, which stamps its authority!

The track is a testament to Clarke’s love of rock music and brings to its core that love and his influence of blues guitar and rock ‘n’ roll

Clarke says: “Eddie is a great drummer and I wouldn’t have been able to do this track or any upcoming tracks without him. Lyrically, Heart’s Desire is straight forward. Just about that girl you want to be with but, don’t have the confidence, don’t think you’re good enough or even have the courage to go and ask her. You can apply that to any situation really.

“Musically, it’s just full on rock ‘n’ roll! Its fun, it’s energetic! Given the current pandemic, rock ‘n’ roll and music in general is a great distraction. Actually, pandemic or no pandemic, music is the best thing in life!

On his future plans and releases, Clarke says: “I hope to record more songs in the coming weeks and months and put out as much stuff as I can. It’s an eclectic mix of songs, they’re not all rock. I had planned to shoot a music video and a live performance video but, the current pandemic frowned upon that so I’ve had to put those on hold for now. Gigs will be very different for me and I’m very excited about that, whenever it happens.”

Heart’s Desire by BC is now available to stream on Spotify and download on

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