Comprehensive GAA coaching survey planned for June

The GAA, Ladies GFA and Camogie Association will join forces to help shape the future development of Gaelic games through a coaching survey that will be completed in JUne.

Over the next three weeks coaches at every level of football, hurling and camogie are being encouraged and urged to make their voices heard via the online survey.

The Gaelic games Coach Survey 2020 is a unique opportunity for coaches to provide an insight into their role, and their needs.

It is the first time that such an approach has been taken across the entire Gaelic games community.

Targeting more than 10,000 responses, it will be one of the most comprehensive coaching studies undertaken.

Coaches that complete the survey will be offered the chance to take part in a draw, whereby three respondents will win Coaching Master Class sessions.

The Coaching Master Class will involve a coaching session for the winning coaches' own team and a coaching workshop for all of the coaches within their Club.


“Coaches play an extremely important role in Gaelic games," said GAA Coach Education Officer Dr Peter Horgan.

"They provide support and guidance for their teams and players, and none more so than in the current suspension of activities.

"Within the GAA we have tried to support coaches to play their role with resources and educational programmes.

“To further that support, each of the Gaelic games associations have come together and developed a programme of research to investigate coaching practices and coach education.

"We are interested in feedback from coaches on their coaching experience, their coaching practice and how coaches see coaching into the future.

"We are also very interested in coaches’ experience of coach education and what coaches feel are their own learning needs.

“The online survey will be available over the next three weeks and I would encourage all coaches – regardless of level of experience or whether coaching at club, school, or county levels - to provide feedback.

“This will allow us to better understand the coach within Gaelic games and for us to plan for the types of supports that we will be providing into the future.

"The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous, and confidential," he concluded.


“We are living in a time of unprecedented popularity for Gaelic games, we have record numbers of teams playing and young people attending our camps and enjoying our games," said GAA president John Horan..

“With that success comes a responsibility to ensure that coach development is helping us to maximise our potential.

"We have a network of excellent coaching and games development staff operating across every county and this helps to support the army of volunteer coaches and mentors who play such an invaluable role at club level.

“Coaches pass on a love of our games. They are instrumental at enabling players perform at their best and this survey is an opportunity to ensure that coach education and development is meeting their needs and continuing to produce the exceptionally talented players that we see across club and county level,” he concluded.


“We are delighted to support this important research which will give us a great insight into the world of our wonderful coaches throughout the Gaelic games family," said Camogie Association president Kathleen Woods.


“We are incredibly proud of the role that coaches play within our organisation, as they hone the skills of players at all levels from underage right through to senior," commented Ladies GFA president Marie Hickey.

“We have a network of coaches dotted across the country and overseas who are doing some brilliant work on behalf of the LGFA," she added.


The survey is also interested in feedback from any coaches that have dropped out of coaching, to help understand why they are no longer coaching, and if there are steps that can be put in place to encourage them back into coaching.

Details for the survey are available from

Take Gaelic Games Coach Survey 2020

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GAA Learning website - or email

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