NEFL week one results round up and week two fixtures

NEFL week one results round up and week two fixtures

The 40th season of the local soccer league which is now the NEFL kicked off over the last few days and the results from week one are listed.

The second series of fixtures are also listed.

Newfoundwell 2nds, & Hazel Lane 2nds (Div3), and BMC Utd (Div4) have withdrawn.

Clubs may submit reports to if they wish to have information included in print and online.  

Kilmessan Shield:

Ardee Celtic 1 Redeemer Celtic 3;
Boyne Harps 4 Kentstown 0.
Rock Celtic 5 Albion 2;
Muirhevna Mor 3 OMP 2;
Parkvilla 4 Kingscourt 1.
Bellurgan 4 Bay FC 3;
Square 1 Carrick 1;
Trim Celtic 10 Enfield 1;
Newfoundwell 3 Hazel Lane 1;
Duleek 2 Torro 2.

O’Neill Shield:
Castle Villa 1 Robinstown 1sts 0;
Navan Town Cosmos 2 BJD Cel 0;
Glenmuir 8 Rossin 1.
Electro 2nds 2 Robinstown 2nds 1
Carrick 2nds 2 Square 2nds 0;
Bohermeen 2nds 0 Trim Cel 2nds 4;
Kentstown 2nds 3 Fordrew 2;
Newtown 2nds 0 Parkvilla 2nds 10;
Chord 2nds 1 Boyne Harps 2nds 3;
Rathkenny 2 OMP 2nds 3;
Kilmessan 2nds 2 Virginia 2nds 1;
Torro 2nds 1 Albion 2nds 2;
Donacarney 2nds 0 Duleek 2nds 6;
Kingscourt 2nds 3 Lourdes Celtic 2.
Slane 1 Thatch FC 3
Bohermeen 3 Millmount 0;
Electro 2 Kilmessan 1sts 5;
Park Celtic Summerhill 2 Abbey Cel 2

Division 2:
Moneymore 3 Bailieboro 1,
Athboy 2 Johnstown 6;
Trim Town 3 Newtown 1;
Oldcastle 0 Donacarney 10;
Virginia 0 Chord Celtic 3.

 * For match schedule in Shield competitions unless stated 90 min’s onl


Kilmessan Shield:
Moneymore v Bellurgan, Drogheda DIFE Astro Pitch, P Burns Jnr.

O’Neills Sports Div 1:
Albion Rovers v Kingscourt, N Scott.


Kilmessan Shield:
Bailieboro v Square, P McGeown;
Johnstown v Trim Celtic, MDL Astro, B Srdjan.

O’Neill Shield:
Glenmuir v Bohermeen, Stephen Rooney.

O’Neill Shield:

Kells Cel v Robinstown 2nds, Grange Kells, Brendan Doyle;
Albion 2nds v Duleek 2nds, T Little;
Donacarney 2nds v Torro 2nds, Gary Doyle;
Robinstown 1sts v Square 2nds, D Browne;
Carrick 2nds v Castle Villa, A McCann;
Trim Cel 2nds v Fordrew, M Conway;
Kilmessan 2nds v Rathkenny, MDL, M Dowdall;
Kentstown 2nds v Bohermeen 2nds, P Henry;
Parkvilla 2nds v Boyne Harps 2nds, D Gaff;
Chord Cel 2nds v Newtown 2nds, Meadowview, P Keogh;
OMP 2nds v Virginia 2nds, St Mary’s Park, J Gorman;
Albion 3rds v Kingscourt 2nds, D Boylam.

SUNDAY 31 MARCH, 11.15 unless stated
Kilmessan Shield:

Chord Cel v Boyne Harps, Drogheda DIFE Astro, B Murphy;
Newtown v Rock Cel,B Gillespie;
Athboy v Parkvilla, B Cruise;
Trim Town v Duleek, J Regan;
Oldcastle v Ardee Cel, 11.30, P Burns Snr;
Virginia v Newfoundwell, King’s Park, 11.30, K Ennis;
Donacarney v Muirhevnamor, 2.30, C Pierce.

O’Neill Shield:
Slane v Park Cel Summerhill, C Halligan;
Abbey Cel v Thatch FC, Mell, G Donnelly;
Millmount v Rossin, Moneymore, P Malone;
Electro 1sts v Navan Town Cosmos, R Martin;
BJD v Kilmessan 1sts, Castlerahan, 11.30, A O’Hanon.

O’Neills Sports Div 1:
Torro v Bay FC, C Byrne;
Hazel Lane v OMP, Grammar School, S Halpenny;
Enfield Cel v Carrick, 11.45, S McMahon;
Redeemer Cel v Kentstown, Aisling Park, 2.30, Paul Rooney.

Div 4 B:

Albion 3rds v Donacarney 2nds, Wayne Doyle.

Prem Div:

Boyne Harps v Square, United Park, J Dyas, Gary Doyle, Brendan Doyle.

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