Bittersweet day for McEntee

Fine Gael’s Helen McEntee has been elected TD in Meath East on the third count.

She said it was a “bittersweet day” and her darling father Shane had represented the people of Meath East and that’s what she would do in his honour.

“If I’m half the TD he was, I’ll be happy,” she said.

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny said it was a tremendous result by a formidable young candidate. “She is her father’s daughter and will not let down the people of Meath East,” he said.

He said he was sure the spirit of her late father was not very far away.

McEntee was elected on the third count without reaching the quota.

She is the first Fine Gael government candidate to be elected in a by-election since Enda Kenny was elected in 1975 to fill his late father's seat.

Third Count

(Distribution of votes of Holmes, Gilroy and O’Rourke votes)

McEntee (FG) + 1926........11,423

Byrne (FF) +1,476……….9,582

McEntee elected