VIDEO: Workmen have unearthed something incredible at Loughcrew

Story by Gavan Becton

Wednesday, 10th January, 2018 2:22pm

VIDEO: Workmen have unearthed something incredible at Loughcrew

Mystery find at Loughrew

Workmen digging near the ancient Loughcrew Megalithic Centre in Oldcastle were still in shock today after unearthing what appears to be an ancient sculpture or tomb. 

The structure which the workmates named 'Birdman' after the very distinctive nose or beak on the face was uncovered during work on a new 'fairy stop' about 30 meters from the St. Oliver Plunketts ancient ruins / church. 

"We were down at Loughcrew yesterday building a stop on the new fairy trail beside St. Oliver Plunketts church hit a rock we couldn’t move, by the time we got it and started clearing back it didn’t stop. We assumed we had some big old rock, but what we ended up with was the most mental thing I’ve ever seen in my life."

WATCH THE VIDEO *Contains some strong language*

David Grimes who captured the startling discovery on video said they contacted the Dept of the Environment which sent a team to investigate the find. 

"They've a big tent over it and lights, they went clean mad at us when they arrived and said we should have left it alone, we probably should have but sure we got so caught it up in uncovering it and got on to the land owner then, we weren’t even sure who to call. They have those druid passage graves down there that are thousands of years old, and the lads that arrived on site were talking about the megalithic cairns and motte and bailey stuff they have all discovered down there before, but they’ve never found anything like this."

During the 11 minute video, the workers, can be heard repeatedly wondering what it is they've discovered and if they should say a decade of the rosary.

David says  the land owner had warned them before we started digging that if they hit lots of small pebbles to stop digging as it could be an ancient grave. "But we didn’t hit any small pebbles, we just thought this was a rock."

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