Baby girl delivered by member of public at Ashbourne service station

Story by Sally Harding

Monday, 15th April, 2019 3:29pm

Baby girl delivered by member of public at Ashbourne service station

A baby girl was delivered by a member of the public at a service station in Ashbourne last week. The child was safely delivered by a quick-thinking woman in King's Gala in Ashbourne on Tuesday 9th April when she spotted the mum to be in distress. The little girl was born safely in a car at the side of the shop and both she and her mum were taken away by ambulance shortly after. 

Garage manager Jerry Brady praised the mystery woman and three of his staff members who also assisted in the delivery. He describes what happened, 

"One of the staff members noticed a woman looking very panicked outside shouting for help and for someone to call an ambulance. The staff members Jack Geraghty, Mary Reilly and Siobhan Doherty rushed out to her and at the same time, an unidentified woman getting fuel came to her rescue.  

"It was a blessing that this woman was there at that moment because she just took over and actually delivered the baby at the side of the garage. She wasn't a nurse but she obviously had some kind of medical experience because she was in such control and kept the mother calm like she knew what to do."

The baby was born safely and despite having no towels or blankets the staff managed to improvise and find something to wrap the newborn in. 


Jerry Brady of King's Gala in Ashbourne


"Mary and Siobhan ran into the shop to look for something to wrap the baby in. They realised there were no blankets so they found some foam wrap that we would usually use for fruit and the baby was wrapped in this to keep her warm. That's the type of people they are, always ready to help and find a solution, even in a stressful situation. 

"I'm completely overwhelmed with the number of phone calls and messages we have been getting since word got out. We deliver coal and fuel but we are delivering babies now as well," laughs Jerry. 

"We don't know who the mum is but I would love to have her and baby come back to visit us at King’s Gala in Ashbourne, for a little celebration when they are ready. It's her place of birth after all and we'd love to meet her."