International Epilepsy Day focuses on seizure awareness

Monday, 11th February, 2019 3:54pm

International Epilepsy Day focuses on seizure awareness

Today is International Epilepsy Day (#EpilepsyDay) and Epilepsy Ireland is using the day to focus on seizure awareness with Ireland Rugby Coach, Joe Schmidt supporting this year’s campaign. International Epilepsy Day is marked in 120 countries around the world to help promote better public understanding of the condition. Historically, epilepsy has not been well understood and many people report experiencing stigma and discrimination, often leading to a reluctance to disclose or discuss the subject.

Epilepsy Ireland CEO Peter Murphy said: “Thankfully, awareness in Ireland has improved in recent years but there are still myths and misunderstandings that persist. One of the main ones is what to do, and what not to do if someone has a seizure. This #EpilepsyDay, we want to encourage everyone to spend just a few minutes on to understand a little more about what to do in this situation”.
“We are delighted to have Joe Schmidt again support the need for greater seizure awareness through the T.E.A.M. campaign. Joe’s association with Epilepsy Ireland has been a major factor in improving seizure awareness among the Irish public over the past five years. There are over 40,000 people with epilepsy in Ireland, so it is vital that we all know the basics of how to respond to a seizure if ever called upon”, said Peter Murphy.

If someone has a seizure, remember TEAM: 
T –Take care to protect the person 
E - Ensure you stay with them
A - Allow the seizure run its course
M –Move them on to their side until the seizure is over

Epilepsy Research Explained Event 
Meanwhile, Epilepsy Ireland will also be co-hosting a free public seminar with the Future Neuro research centre at RCSI in Dublin to mark International Epilepsy Day on Monday 11th February. The seminar will highlight the latest developments in epilepsy research in Ireland and internationally. It takes place on Monday from 6pm – 8.30pm in the O’Flanagan Theatre, RCSI, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2. A limited number of free tickets are available from

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