No limit to Stuart's musical talents!

Tuesday, 2nd April, 2019 5:00pm

No limit to Stuart's musical talents!

Laurence O'Fuarain as James Allen.

This week sees the release of 'The Limit Of' Alan Mulligan’s haunting debut drama rooted in his career as a young banker during the Celtic Tiger years and its crushing aftermath. The soundtrack for the movie has been created by Stuart Gray of Jealoustown Studios in Skryne. 

He has created an original edgy score which elevated the emotions and tension within the film along with managing to complement the soundtrack by Irish singer writer Mick Flannery.
Featuring rising star Laurence O Fuarain and an IFTA-nominated performance from Sarah Carroll, it will be released in Irish cinemas on 5th April.
From Mayo brothers Alan Mulligan and producer Anthony Mulligan, alongside producer Tim Palmer (Into The West, Patrick’s Day), 'The Limit Of' premiered to acclaim at the Galway Film Fleadh. The film captures the rapacious greed of the financial world and society’s ever-growing need for control. Mulligan’s slow, deliberate style builds a fever pitch of intensity as the film reaches its shocking climax.


Sarah Carrolll and Laurence O'Fuarain in 'The Limit of'.

James Allen (Laurence O'Fuarain - Black 47, Vikings) is a successful, controlling, thirty-something banker living alone and working in Dublin city at the tail end of the recession. 
When a family tragedy occurs due to the ruthlessness of his employer, he takes decisive action to try to make things right.
Meanwhile, his enigmatic co-worker Alison (Sarah Carroll) has her own agenda, which puts her on a collision course with James, triggering and a dark spiral of deceit, revenge, and murder.
Alan Mulligan says: “After working on the inside of  the financial industry for so long, it’s great to have been able to incorporate my experiences of the manipulative side of banking into a thrilling film.”


Stuart Gray at work in Jealoustown Studios. 

Mulligan adds: “Music in films play such an essential role in communicating the emotions within a story. We were very lucky Stuart 
agreed to give his time to the project.  We rang him four weeks before the world premiere in Galway Film Fleadh. Stuart came in and was a complete professional. He brought a new life to the film with his music. 
“We worked nights in his studio, as his days were jam packed at the time. There were a lot of 4am finishes in order to have the music ready for the world premiere.”

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