Vikki Wall (right) could be enticed to change Gaelic football and Aussie Rules for rugby if not now in the near future. She's seen here with Aoibheann Leahy (centre) and Emma Duggan embarking on one of her barnstorming runs in Croke Park, something she has become noted for in recent years.

Column: Rugby's attempt to lure Wall to their ranks could be just the start

The news that Vikki Wall might well be on the cusp of swapping Gaelic football for rugby should be of concern to those involved with the Meath ladies football team - and the GAA generally.

It's an indication of how other sports are on the look out to recruit the brightest and best to be found among the GAA ranks.

As indicated by the Irish Independent the other day the Dunboyne player has spoken to people in the rugby fraternity about joining their ranks with the possibility a professional contract as part of the carrot - although that looks very unlikely if not impossible. She has, after all, a contract with North Melbourne.

Still, it's an attractive prospect for any ambitious sports person and who could blame her if she took it up. It's a chance to play for her province or country - and get paid for it. If the terms were right why not?

We would all wish her the very best of luck no matter what route she takes, although it's pretty certain she will play for Meath this year before returning to Aussie Rules. Beyond that, who knows.

How long will it be before other talented footballers in the LGFA generally, and perhaps the Meath team specificially, are offered a similar package?

Last summer Aussie Rules club North Melbourne confirmed the signing of Wall and Cork star Erika O'Shea.

Wall played for the club and put in impressive performances but could she be lured to rugby - if not now then in a year or two when her Aussie Rules commitments are completed.

Clubs in Australian Rules football has for some time now being busy scanning the GAA landscape to see who they could recruit and Wall was one of the players they had identified and were prepared to sign up.

It was also confirmed that another Meath star, Orlagh Lally, would be going to play for Fremantle Dockers.

Wall and Lally, both of whom are home at the moment, are among a growing contingent of Irish female players attracted to the Aussie Rules game.

There is no indication yet that Wall will take up rugby (or even be allowed to considering she is contracted to North Melbourne ) but with women's rugby now gone professional in Ireland - at least as far as the national team is concerned - the attraction has grown for those who clearly have the talent to change codes.

Wall has indicated that she will be playing for Meath this year and that's likely to be the case - but what about the longer term? What about other players in the Royal County and elsehwhere, will they also be lured away from Gaelic football?

Ladies soccer is also becoming more professional and club's in that arena could also be looking to GAA players to help augment their ranks. There are many GAA players who are also accomplished soccer players, some of them in the Meath camp.

Towards the end of last year Wall indicated she would be playing for Meath this year as her contract with her Aussie Rules club, North Melbourne, allows that.

“I’ll be playing for Meath this year,” Wall said, revealing that she’s on a “two-year contract, but it doesn’t start until August of next year, so I’ll be home playing for Meath," she told Jerome Quinn in a documentary for Ladies football.

“It is a two-year contract, because it’s still semi-professional, it’s not full-year round.

“It was one of the main reasons why I chose North Melbourne — how much they valued how much I value playing football. It’s probably one of the core things of why we clicked, and why I went there in the end. It was part of the clause. Even them allowing me to go over later last year, and this year, conversations that as long as they’re happy with me and I’m happy to stay in touch over here, that will be the plan.”

That was only a few months ago but things can change rapidly in life and sport and if Vikkie Wall was offered an attractive contract in rugby further down the road who could blame her for saying "Let's have a go and see how this works out."

Many of us would do exactly the same if we were talented, much-sought after young footballers with a special talent. Take it with two hands.