Residents of the Ashewood Estate in Ashbourne are unhappy that the county council has acquired lands for social housing beside them.

Residents of Ashbourne estate to object to social housing nearby

Residents of the Ashewood estate in Ashbourne are gearing up to fight any attempt by Meath County Council to build social housing on land adjacent to their estate.

They have expressed concern at the purchase of the land in question by the council and have warned that they intend to fight any plans for social housing.

Local resident Gill Moriarity said residents are worried that a social housing scheme there will affect the value of their properties.

“The land was always boarded off and was being farmed, but the council has now bought the land," she says.

“The land backs onto the northern end of the estate and we feel we are going to be clumped in with social housing. There is already social housing at the eastern end of the estate and there is a big development of social housing close to us, near the golf club. They are turning it into a suburb of Finglas,” she says.

Ms Moriarity says that residents had been through a lot as they had to have their homes remediated because of problems with pyrite.

“That has been resolved, but it was very difficult. We paid a lot of money for these houses and with social housing we will see their value falling. It will also cause major traffic and safety problems. The roads in the area cannot cope as it is.

“When we bought our houses, the estate was a cul de sac, and we are worried there will now be a through road.”

Ms Moriarity said that the residents are determined to stop any social housing there.

“We know that there is a housing crisis but we are being realistic. We have no objection to affordable housing, but we will object to any planning application for social housing.

“We will not let them ruin our estate and devalue our houses.

“We have set up a WhatsApp group and are keeping in contact. We have put up signs and we intend to fight this.”

She said that the land had only recently been zoned residential.

“All of the councillors are aware of it,” she said.

A spokesperson for Meath County Council said they are sale agreed on the land in question and it is going through conveyancing at present. The council hopes to be in a position to sign contracts once their legal advisors have completed due diligence.