Ratoath road closures in place as safety works continue

The Ratoath to Ashbourne Road is closed this week as construction began on safety improvement works between Harlockstown and Baltrasna yesterday (Monday).

The works, which are causing headaches for motorists, local businesses and residents are now expected to take two weeks to complete, rather than the four initially proposed.

Construction is taking place on a 500 metre stretch of road from the entrance of King's Gala Filling Station to the Junction of Harlockstown Lane. The work will eliminate a dangerous camber in the road.

Traffic is being officially diverted by the council through Curraha, with signage directling traffic through the village, although many motorists are using other more local routes to get around the closure.

Cllr Nick Killian said: “The closure is causing problems for local businesses and residents, but they are aware that the work has to be done and will make the road safer. The residents are delighted it has to happen, despite the inconvenience.

John Lord, whose Ratoath Garden Centre, is located on the road, said business had been very quiet since the road closed.

“This is our busiest month so it is difficult, but the job needs to be done and there is no good time to do it.

“We are still open for business, but the sooner the work is finished, the better. It is in the interest of road safety, so we will just have to grin and bear it,” he said.