Girl Guides enjoy sunny Porchfields

Local girl guides were among thousands of members of the Irish Girl Guides (IGG) from across Ireland who took part in 'Move with Sinead'.

Over 100 girls, leaders and parents enjoyed a walk around the Porchfields, Trim. They had fun seeing their friends and meeting new Guiding friends from other units. The girls enjoyed some games together and even sang along the walk. It was such a warm day, they took advantage of some shade to enjoy a drink and their packed lunch.

In Ashbourne, Brownies placed little Fairy Doors around the walk, and enjoyed a cookout barbeque afterwards. The north east organised walks connected through Whatsapp, sharing pictures and videos and words of encouragement.

The event was organised with Dr Sinead Kane, the Irish Girl Guides’ Honorary Ambassador, a title and role given to those who are well-known in their field and serve as a positive role model for young girls and women. Dr Sinead inspired the girls to get active and some trained to run the 10km.