Big move to sustainable packaging in SuperValu fruit and veg aisle

Own-brand bananas, Signature Taste Potatoes and Organic Carrots cut down on plastic

As part of its commitment to reducing plastic packaging, SuperValu has announced that their own-brand bananas have moved to 100 per cent recyclable packaging. The bananas, which were previously packaged in plastic bags, can now be found in simple paper bands made from white Kraft paper which consists entirely of primary fibres.

The new packaging bands will see a significant reduction of single use plastic across all 223 SuperValu stores, diverting a massive 5.61 tonnes of plastic from landfill annually. While the organic own-brand range of bananas moved to plastic-free packaging two years ago this move will result in a substantial reduction of plastic packaging in the fruit and veg aisle as 3,375,776 (3.3m) own-brand bananas are sold in SuperValu stores each year. The new bands are 100 per cent recyclable and can be disposed of in the household green bin.

Along with own-brand bananas, SuperValu has introduced sustainable packaging changes to Signature Taste Potatoes and own-brand Organic Carrots. Irish grown SuperValu Signature Tastes Maris Piper Potatoes and Rooster Potatoes now come in 100 per cent recyclable paper bags which along with the banana paper bands can go straight into the green bin. This change will replace 3.96 tonnes of plastic annually with a more sustainable solution.

Other sustainable changes on the fruit and veg aisle include the introduction of compostable bags to SuperValu Organic Irish carrots. They now come in a compostable bag that can be disposed of in household brown bins, diverting almost 6 tonnes of plastic annually from landfill.

SuperValu’s sustainable packaging strategy is to make 100 per cent of its Own Brand and fresh fruit and vegetable packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. Small changes are being made consistently to packaging in order to give customers the chance to shop more sustainably during every shop and in turn help SuperValu build more sustainable communities.

Ian Allen, Managing Director, SuperValu, said: “Reducing single-use plastic in all our SuperValu stores remains a priority for us and we are delighted to introduce new sustainable packaging across a number of our produce ranges. The removal of plastic packaging on some of our most popular produce products; Own-brand bananas, Signature Taste Potatoes,and Organic Carrots, is a massive step closer towards our goal of 100per cent sustainable packaging by 2025. The changes to these three product lines will remove over 15 tonnes from circulation, a positive move that impacts every community we operate in around Ireland.”

SuperValu will reduce its carbon footprint in Ireland by 70 per cent by 2025 and in addition to moving to sustainable packaging SuperValu is committed to operating all facilities with 100 percent green electricity and to sending no recoverable waste to landfill. Any food surplus in stores is sent to re-distribution charities so food waste is minimised as well as helping to alleviate food poverty.