VIDEO: Navan man who claims he was sexually assaulted by former gardai ends three-day rooftop protest

A Navan man who spent three nights up on the roof of a local primary school to highlight claims he suffered sexual and physical abuse at the hands of now retired gardai over 30 years ago has ended his protest.

The 58-year-old hugged family and friends when he descended from the roof via a Navan Fire Service fire tender and hoist after his 72-hour long protest.

George Foster took to the roof of Scoil Mhuire NS as it is just yards from Navan Garda station last Sunday evening and has spent the last three nights living in a small tent on a 16x10ft rooftop - the highest point of the school which overlooks the busy Abbey Road/Canon Row roundabout.

The dramatic action was a repetition of an identical protest carried out 27 years ago for the same reasons demanding his case is heard.

Mr Foster made the decision to come down after appeals from family members, friends and early morning discussions with Det Sgt Mark Looby from Navan Garda station who is also a trained negotiator. Mr Foster was assured by Det Sgt Looby that he would receive medical attention and that he would be able to make a statement to Gardai about his allegations.

At 11am this morning a fire tender with a hoist came to take Mr Foster down safely.

The 58-year-old, who says he is in poor health, had been supported by family members and wellwishers while he also had plenty of supplies to sustain his rooftop protest.

Speaking to the Meath Chronicle as Mr Foster was preparing to come down, Det Sgt Looby said he would be brought over to Navan station to be seen by a doctor.

Det Sgt Mark Looby talks to George.

Speaking to the Meath Chronicle before he came down from the roof Det Sgt Looby said:

"A statement will be taken from him into what he is saying and obviously that will take a bit of time and a file will be prepared for the DPP and we'll see what happens then, the first thing is we get him down safely and he gets assessed medically."

Mr Foster began his protest on Sunday evening using ladders to access the roof. Speaking the night before he ended his protest, Mr Foster spoke of his determination to stay up as long as it took to get listened to.

George Foster spent three nights up on the school roof.

"I have a tent and a tarpaulin over that and I have blankets and a gas heater and food and basins and water to wash myself so I'm ok, but no, it's not an ideal situtation to be in but I'm determined, I want people held to account over what happened to me."

Mr Foster claims that he was the victim of serious sexual assaults and attacks over a four year period and that he carried out his first rooftop protest in 1994, which lasted three days.

The Navan man had a number of banners outlining some details of the alleged abuse but didn't unfurl them from the roof while the children of Scoil Mhuire and their parents were coming and going during the day.

Fire tender from Navan station arrives to help George down from the roof.

The protest, he says, has nothing whatsoever to do with the school and was chosen purely for it being within eyesight of Navan Garda station.

"I'm not giving up, my life was destroyed by what happened to me and I can't give up."

George Foster going into Navan Garda station accompanied by Det Sgy Mark Looby and best friend, Bridget.

Mr Foster thanked everyone who supported him and said he just wanted the authorities to listen to his story and investigate before he was escorted into Navan Garda station by Det Sgy Looby accompanied by his best friend, Bridget..