Connemara Pony by Gerry Duane.

Shutters lift for a new season of Navan Camera Club

New members welcome to join group formed in 1987

Navan Camera Club opened their new club season on Monday 6th September with registration and an overview of a comprehensive programme of speakers, competitions and photographic outings. New members are always welcome.

The club was formed in 1987 and has been actively promoting photography at an enthusiast level every year since its inception.

Photography, as a hobby has grown exponentially since the introduction of the smartphone camera and affordable high quality digital cameras (DSLR’s). The technology makes photography easy … or does it?

Navan Camera Club run an eight-week beginners course in photography that answers the general questions like “How does the camera work” … or “How do I take better photographs?”… or “Why did my photos turn out too bright / too dark”. This course lifts the lid on photography and introduces beginners to a world where they control how the photographs turn out, allowing them to explore new directions in creativity.

Navan Camera Club are a passionate community, ready to support any photographer, whether new to the hobby or somebody with experience. The ethos of the club is that there is always room to learn something new, and this can be experienced in a fun and exciting way in a socially active group.

The club has grown over the years and currently has many members with varying levels of photography experience from advanced to complete beginners … indeed some past members have gone on to make photography their profession.

The annual programme runs from September through to the following May with meetings every Monday night from 8-10pm.

If you are a beginner, or somebody with an interest in photography, we invite you to become a part of an innovative community, and explore where photography can take you.

Due to the current public health crisis, we have to run our programme in an online format via Zoom. While this is not an ideal solution, it is temporary, and has allowed us to programme some unique and interesting photographers into our club nights.