Do you want fries with that? Mum recreates McDonald's drivethru experience for her kids

A clever Cortown mum brilliantly recreated an entire McDonalds’ drive-through experience complete with look alike happy meals so her kids could enjoy their favourite treat.

Unable to get the real deal the idea allowed the children to feel like they were in a car approaching the drive-through window where they were met by a McDonald's worker (mum Karen Morgan) who took their order in full uniform even sporting a name tag before being asked to wait in the nearby waiting bay until it was ready!

The ‘Happy Meal ‘for James (6) and Jessica Rose (2) who were thrilled with the ‘outing’ included home made chicken nuggets and fries and a little toy egg inside a replica box, which sported the food outlet's iconic red and yellow logo.

Karen said: “It was absolutely worth it for the sheer joy they got out of it. It just goes to show they don’t need much, it’s the simple things with a bit of imagination.

“I saw that it had been done somewhere else online and I was here yesterday thinking of ways to keep the kids entertained.

“I got my husband Ronan to get a few bits in the shop on his way home from work, I fried the chips and the nuggets and I made the box.

“I printed off a name tag for my little uniform and an M for the hat!

“My husband told the kids that they were going for a drive. Unfortunately, my one-year-old Daniel was asleep and missed out on the craic.

“They thought they were going somewhere and he drove up the road a little bit and then came back and said oh look I think McDonalds is in here.

“He drove around the back of the house and started at the first window to order then he drove around to the front window to pay and the last window was to collect the food.

“They just thought this was hilarious and when I popped out the window and I was in all of the get up they thought it was the best thing ever.

“I think it was a one off, I don’t think I have the energy to do it again!”

Isolation is nothing new for the Morgan family as six-year-old James has undergone two bone narrow transplants with long periods of isolation required post op.

“We have done isolation before because after a bone marrow transplant you have six months of isolation so we are kind of pros at this at this stage, it’s just very different doing it with three kids.

“The easiest way for me to describe it is that James was born with no immune system.

“He was born with no Neutrophils, a type of white blood cell white blood cells that fight infection so without them you have no immune system.

“He had his first transplant before his first birthday and had the second one after his second birthday.

“The first transplant failed that’s why he had to have the second one.

“He is doing great now and there are no major concerns even with Covid 19 his doctors are happy that god forbid if he got it he’d manage like most other fit healthy kids.”

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