Duke and Duchess at Teagasc

Duke and Duchess visit Teagasc Grange

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said they would like to return to Ireland and go on a cycling tour with their children.

The couple visited Teagasc Grange on the second day of their Irish visit.

Principal of  Kiltale National School, Eileen O’Reilly said the couple told her they loved their trip to Ireland and want to return with their three children.

“They said they would like to come back her with the kids and do a cycling tour and see the Irish countryside.”

Kiltale NS Pupil Darragh Dolan said the couple loved discussing their healthy eating project with them.

“It was so exciting to meet a real life princess.”

“They were very nice and lovely to us. They asked us all about our project on healthy eating and exercise as we learned that Irish young people don’t get enough exercise and that one in four are overweight.” 

Kiltale NS pupil Rachel Mulligan who met the couple said: “William told us that it is important to go outside more and to get lots of sleep.”

“I told them Irish people are very proud of their cattle and farms because the grass is so green and they stay outside and not in sheds.” 

Kate gave her first nod to Irish fashion on the trip as she wore a jacket and a pair of flat boots by Irish brand Dubarry. Her blouse was from Barbour.

The couple were given a tour of the farm and were shown the Derrypatrick herd.

They had a conversation with some local farmers and William asked them if they thought young people are still interested in becoming farmers.

“Is the future bright for farming, do young people want to get involved?” asked William.

“Do the wider public know exactly how much you guys do as custodians of the land?” he also said. 

Kiltale farmer William Byrne asked him about organic farming and if people appreciate the quality of Irish produce.

The couple will travel to Galway on Thursday for the final day of their trip.


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