38 new speed camera locations in Meath come into effect today

38 new speed camera locations in Meath come into effect today

Meath will have 38 new speed detection safety cameras in operation from this morning.
A total of 1,322 safety camera zones are being introduced on local, regional and national routes nationwide. 
The new routes and locations will operate in areas where there is a history of speed related collisions, known as speed enforcement zones, using a fleet of marked vehicles. 

According to the Gardaí, safety cameras are proven life savers. More than 1.5m speeding tickets have been issued since the introduction of safety cameras and since 2000, the number of road deaths continue to fall from 415  to 148 last year.

All safety camera zones  are available on Garda website and they include 31 on regional roads in Meath, four on motorways, five on national roads, three on local roads and five on urban streets in the county. The new cameras brings to 48, the number operating in Meath.

Since 2010 the Garda have contracted a private company 'GoSafe' to operate safety cameras on their behalf.
GoSafe provides a minimum of 7,400 hours enforcement and a maximum of 100 hours of surveying per month.
Enforcement by GoSafe is only carried out on a stretch of road that has been identified as having a significant proportion of collisions where a safe speed was exceeded.

Using more recent fatal and injury collision data from January 2016 to December 2018, a new review has been conducted. The aim was to ensure enforcement continued to be in line with emerging collision trends and takes account of improved compliance.
In line with the Commission of Future Policing in Ireland, 170 new speed guns have been delivered to An Garda Siochana,  mobility devices have been deployed to front line members and the GoSafe contract remains in place until May 2023.

 Gardai are appealing to all road users to become familiar with all speed enforcement zones on Garda.ie and note areas which carry high risk of speed related collisions, remember to be aware of posted speed limits for the entire journey.

Superintendent Tony Lonergan of the Garda National Roads Policing Bureau said:
"We wish to remind road users that 903 new zones will become effective from 06.00 on the 17th February 2020, increasing the total to 1,322 zones. The location of all zones are available on the Garda website, along with the collision history and we are urging road users to become familiar with the zones.”
Superintendent Lonergan continued: "We urge drivers to be fully aware of the posted speed limit and drive within the speed limit for the duration of their journey. Speed kills, help save lives.” 

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