Extension approved for Coláiste na hInse in Laytown

Extension approved for Coláiste na hInse in Laytown

The Department of Education has formally approved plans for an extension to Coláiste na hInse secondary school in Laytown. 

The school has now been approved to grow from a 1000 pupil school to 1300 students. This follows the recent oversubscription of the school which saw 250 applicants for just 180 places for 1st Year beginning September 2020.  

Despite the addition of an Educate Together Secondary School in the area, the demand for places in Colaiste na hInse has never been higher.

Local Fine Gael Councillor and Chairwoman of the Board of Management of Colaiste na hInse Secondary School in Laytown, Sharon Tolan has welcomed the news. 

“I am absolutely delighted with news today from the Department that they have agreed to the application we made last year for additional accommodation.  The news yesterday that we were to take 45 children currently on the waiting list for places at CNI was welcomed but confusing.  

"We were left asking ourselves exactly where these extra children could be accommodated, and how we could offer them any of the subject choices such as Science, Home Economics, Woodwork etc when the school is already at capacity.

"We now have this offer on the table from the Department, but it will formally have to be agreed by the Board of Management, which are due to meet next Wednesday 29th January.  I certainly hope all of the Board will support this offer so that we can ensure that local children can attend their preferred local school, which is Colaiste na hInse.

"The last number of weeks and months have been a nightmare for parents and children on the waiting list and I am so sorry that this was their initial experience of what is a great school.  I hope they can enjoy the coming months now preparing for their new adventure in Secondary School in September,” stressed Tolan.

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