Bluesman Smith gears up for Solstice show

Bluesman Smith gears up for Solstice show

The blues will come calling to the Soltice Arts Centre, Navan when renowned bluesman Paddy Smith and his band will stage a forthcoming gig at the venue. 

Smith from Silverlawns in Navan is widely known for his brilliant harmonia playing and he and his band will once more perform at the Solstice on Friday 10th May and give their fans a chance to enjoy some excellent blues music. 

The Navanman draws his influences from a number of sources including his time spent in the USA and particularly Chicago where he played in some iconic blues centres. 

His life in music and his battle with alcoholism has been well documented particularly his time living on the streets of Chicago that provided him with some of the raw material for his songs.

Now well established back in Ireland Smith has brought out three albums - 'Let Those Blues In', 'Live in New York' and 'Tribute to the Chicago Greats.' 

He continues to write original material combining his harmonica playing with distinctive lyrics, some of which are inspired by episodes in his colourful, amazing life. 

Tickets for the Solstice gig can be acquired at the venue. 


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