Grangegeeth singing sister act featured on Today FM

A sassy singing sister duo from Grangegeeth near Slane has had their song played on the Dermot and Dave Show on Today FM. Isabelle (13) and Heather (10) are behind the dance music act Building Jumpers that penned the song " I don't want to go to bed", a tune documenting the plight of children trying to stay up later at night! 

We caught up with the talented girls' dad, Cormac Parle (47) just as he was waiting to pick the sisters up from school to deliver the good news,


"We can't believe that they played the song, I tweeted Dave with a link to the Youtube video off the cuff not expecting to hear anything more. I started getting loads of texts to my phone and I ran to turn the radio on. It was amazing to hear it on the radio because they worked so hard on it. I'm literally waiting for the school bus to arrive so I can tell them."

Not happy with writing and recording a song, the ambitious act has also made a very creative music video and came armed with storyboards and schedules in preparation for the shoot. Isabelle who is a student of Ballymakeny College in Drogheda and Heather who attends Stackallen National School certainly knew what they wanted! 

Cormac said his youngest daughter was excited to channel her inner kesha!

"The video was shot on Isabelle's phone and they had very clear ideas about what they wanted," laughs the proud dad, adding, "The intro was shot near the 3 Arena in Dublin and Heather was inspired by a music video of pop star Kesha walking through the city with lots of attitude so that's what she did. "The part you see with the bed was shot outside our house in Grangegeeth and we had to alter that location several times as Isabelle had a very specific idea on how she wanted it to look," he adds. 


Building Jumpers on set of video 

Music runs in the family with Cormac being a musician and longtime member of indie/rock band Stoat and he also had a stint with Slane based band The Wednesday Gang and but as he says himself he wasn't expecting to be overshadowed by his daughters this early on. 

"I think they've been more successful in music over the past two days than I have been my whole life," he laughs, "They are getting a lot of views on Youtube, it looks like it's going viral. They are constantly going to singing and dance classes and performing at shows whenever they can. They have a jam-packed schedule as it is and I think after this it's just going to get busier." 

We think you are right Cormac!