Cllr Sean Smith

Cllr Sean Smith steps down from Meath County Council

Ashbourne's Cllr Sean Smith is stepping down as a County Councillor.
He informed Meath CoCo of his decision today.

He explained that he is moving with his family to the USA.

"Since being elected in 2014, it has been a massive privilege to represent Ashbourne Municipal District. There have been lots of positives with moving Ashbourne forward."

He explained that during his time as councillor, his wife, Meghan, had health concerns and had been diagnosed with Fascioscapular Humeral Muscular Dystrophy FSHD. This condition involves chronic pain and progressive muscle weakness. Meghan’s parents live in Michigan and they will relocate close to there.

"Last week I secured a new role in Warsaw, Indiana and the USA Embassy confirmed my Visa."


Fianna Fáil will now initiate a process to co-op a new Councillor to represent Ashbourne. The new Councillor will be in place shortly.

"There have been many wonderful projects completed during the past four years and many more are well on the way. The large public park is moving along positively and Meath CoCo is well aware of the significance of 2020 to the town," Mr Smith said, 

"Ashbourne is a wonderful community. Keep making it beautiful," he said.