Local heroes rush to aid of crash victim. PHOTOS: Paul Jones

Local heroes rush to help elderly crash victim

Local heroes came to the rescue of an elderly motorist involved in a single vehicle crash which left her trapped in her overturned car.

The incident happened on the Proudstown Road shortly after 12pm today (Sunday) where passing motorists rushed to assist the driver. 

One of those local heroes was Casteltown man Adrian Moran who was travelling towards Navan when he came across the upturned Ford Focus car. 

"I just did what any else would do, I just happened to be first on the scene, me and my 10-year-old son who was with me.  I just abandoned the car at the first gate to Navan Racecourse and ran back to the scene. The car was turned onto it's driver side and I didn't know what I was going to see when I looked into the car but I saw it was an elderly lady travelling alone who was trapped but she was awake. She had some injuries to her face as the driver's side door window had smashed".

A nurse climbs into the car to assist the drivers as fellow motorists hold the passenger door open

"I just tried to keep her calm and asked her where she was from and the usual questions as I was afraid she might drift into unconsciousness. She was complaining of pain in her neck and she was fighting gravity given the position she was in."

Another woman, a local nurse (who didn't wish to be named) arrived onto the scene and began to assist the stricken driver.

"We spotted a pack of toilet rolls in the rear seat we lowered the girl in through the rear door to grab them and then we helped her in through the passenger door where she put them under the driver's head to help relieve the pressure."

Wilkinstown man John Kenealy who was returning from Navan from doing his shopping when he saw the crash unfold in his rear view mirror. 

"She was conscious and seemed fine and we just lowered a jacket into the car to try and keep her warm until the emergency services arrived, they were there very quickly in fairness to them."

Adrian also praised the response of the emergency services who he said arrived on the scene of the accident within minutes, with gardai first to arrive.

Navan photographer Paul Jones who took the pictures for meathchronicle.ie said "It was amazing to see just how quickly these drivers rushed to the woman's aid and how good they were. I only took the pictures after ensuring I could offer no additional assistance and that the lady didn't appear to be too badly hurt. 

The injured woman was believed to have been travelling from the North in the direction of Athboy. 
At time of writing we had no updates on the driver's condition but hope she makes a speedy recovery.