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VIDEO: Ashbourne man's smiles better after having 27 rotten teeth removed in one morning

Michael Sheridan says he has re-found his smile after having all his remaining 27 teeth taken out and replaced with dentures. 
“Every person I meet is asking me to smile now, 'show me your teeth' they keep saying to me. I have no choice but to smile, everyone knows that I've had the work done and the dentures in. It's good to be recognised for something good now rather than having to hide away,” he said a few days after the operation.
The 32-year-old father of three boys returned to his job as a kitchen porter at the Aviva Stadium on Wednesday of last week following the surgery also says he is not as sore as he expected to be with “everything now 100 per cent.”
He said he's a feeling a lot better than he expected and thinks his ability to handle pain in recent years is one of the reasons why he is now feeling so well. 
“There's a small bit of pain there but you know I'm so used to having toothaches over the years I've probably become immune to it,” he said. “The pain I'm having now is nothing compared to some of the toothaches I had. 

WARNING: Video contains footage of dental surgery - viewer discretion advised

“I used to have toothache every second day, everytime I eat something. I'm taking anti-biotics still and I'm on a soft diet and will be for a while, soup, Weetabix food like that. I'm back with David of Boyne Dental and Implant Clinic next week to check on how the new teeth (dentures) are going. With the dentures the fixodent, the adhesive that holds them in, I can't use that at the minute because if you put the glue on the gums it could affect them. The teeth are moving around a little bit but when I can use the fixodent I can start chewing.”

Michael says his partner Linda is “over the moon” with the work done. “The minute I walked out of the surgery after I had all my teeth removed and the dentures put in everything had changed. Linda was outside with the car to collect me I walked over to her with a smile. David (dentist David Murnaghan) came outside with me and when Linda saw my teeth she actually gave David a hug.
“My family and all are commenting on how well I look now, people are saying I look 10 years younger. Everyone I met who know me the feedback has been just brilliant.”

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