Meath's alcohol tax take is €733 per person, per year.

Meath people are paying €733.08 per person in taxes on alcohol per year, according to the drinks industry.
While Germany prepare to play the United States in this evening’s World Cup match, the drinks industry has released data that outlines how much tax the Meath and German consumer is paying on drinks as they settle in to watch the match tonight.
The total tax take in Meath per year is €77,629,364. If the county was paying German rates of alcohol tax it would amount to €32,543,671 according to the Support Your Local Campaign.
 The consumption levels in both Ireland and Germany, per person per year, are more or less the same. Germans consume 11.80 litres per person, while Irish people consume 11.90 litres per person- again indicating that price does little to change consumption levels.
 Meanwhile, recent Eurostat data showed that Ireland has the highest price for alcohol in Europe.
 Bart Storan, Campaign Manager for ‘Support Your Local’ said: “In less than 12 months (between December 2012 and October 2013) the Irish government increased excise on beer by 44per cent, excise on spirits by 37 per cent and excise on wine by 62per cent.”