McEntee tops poll after first count

Fine Gael’s Helen McEntee topped the poll after the first count in the Meath East By-Election with 9,356 votes.

The first count has just been announced at Donaghmore Ashbourne GAA Centre by Returning Officer Mary O’Malley.

McEntee looks set to take the vacant seat caused by the death of her father Shane McEntee.

Six candidates have been eliminated- Tallon, O’Brien, Keddy, Martin, McDonagh and O’Buachalla- and their votes are now being distributed.


First count results:


McEntee (FG)    9,356

Byrne (FF)           8,002

O’Rourke (SF)    3,165

Gilroy (DDI)        1,568

Holmes (LAB)     1,112

O’Buachalla (GP) 423

McDonagh (WP) 263

Martin (NP)        190

Keddy (NP)         110

O’Brien (NP)      73

Tallon (NP)          47


Tallon, O’Brien, Keddy, Martin, McDonagh and O’Buachalla elimated.



Electorate: 64,164

Total Poll: 24,568

Total Valid Poll: 24,309

Quota: 12,155


Second Count Results:

(Distribution of votes of Keddy, Martin, McDonagh, O’Brien, O’Buachalla and Tallon)



McEntee (FG)    + 191........9,547

Byrne (FF)           +104……….8,106

O’Rourke (SF)    +205………3,370

Gilroy (DDI)        +225………1,793

Holmes (LAB)     +133……..1,245


Holmes, Gilroy, and O’Rourke eliminated.








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