'I opened the door and there was this guy with a gun pointing it at my face'

Story by Jimmy Geoghegan

Tuesday, 5th December, 2017 5:00pm

'I opened the door and there was this guy with a gun pointing it at my face'

Gerry Browne

Musician, singer and writer Gerry Browne says he thought he might be the victim of a shooting on his own doorstep. 
Browne performed with comedian Brendan O'Carroll over the years in a wide range of acts including what became known as 'Mrs Brown's Boys' which has turned out to be one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.  
Browne was involved with getting the money together for a film with O'Carroll in the late 1990s. However the film was never made and Browne received an unexpected caller to his house early one morning. 
"We were trying to get money together to make 'Sparrow's Trap' and one of the guys we had gotten money off wanted his money back, he said his life was falling apart," he recalled in an interview in this week's Meath Chronicle.  
"We had just gotten off the red eye from Boston, where we had done three weeks of gigs to raise money, we were that desperate.  I came in early that morning to surprise the kids before they went to school, it's 6.30 or seven and Aaron and Sarah were only just toddlers and next thing I heard the bell. I go who is this?
"I open the door and here's this guy. He takes out a gun and puts it here (places finger on upper lip) and I'm thinking 'oh Jaysus.' I knew he had been ringing and ringing the house but we had been away, 20 years ago a call on a mobile  would have cost you 100 pounds a minute. 
"Next thing Aaron who was about three sees me and shouts 'Dad!!' and runs down the stairs. I'm going 'oh my God, of f**k, what am I going to do now. I was saying to him please, don't do it here, I'll get into the car with you but don't do this here and he's shouting 'I want my f**king money!' 
"Eventually he calmed down, he was pissed out of his head, 6.30 in the morning. We came into the house and we're sitting at the kitchen table, he's crying, I'm crying and Aaro is going: 'Dad why are you crying?'"
"He had a cup of tea, a slice of toast, he told me he hadn't eaten in a day-and-a-half. I'm going around making tea and toast and I'm shaking. I had $2,500 from the three weeks gigging and I said I'd change it and give it to him. When he was going he just shoved the money back. I believe he got paid. I would be friendly with him now, he got paid but it took him a long time."