Clean up after your dog

Story by Ann Casey

Thursday, 9th November, 2017 12:45pm

Clean up after your dog

A new initiative has got underway in Kells to raise awareness about the problem of dog fouling.

A team of volunteers from Kells Local Heroes have commenced the process of painting stencils on footpath to remind pet owners to clean up after their pets engage in fouling.According to Ken Murray, Chairman of Kells Local Heroes, “this issue has become something of a scourge in urban areas in recent years and we’ve been inundated with queries to address the problem.”A team of KLH volunteers took to the streets recently and painted multi-coloured eye-catching stencils at various locations around the town.“The response we have received so far from people around the town has been very encouraging but the proof will be in the results, so it’s wait and see,” said Ken.Kells Local Heroes are calling on all pet owners to carry appropriate bags to clean up after their pets have fouled.“Kells is no different to any other town of its size but there is a new awareness locally at making a positive impression on visitors and tourists.“We are grateful to Cllr Sarah Reilly for making the stencils available and would encourage people in other towns and villages to work with their local elected representatives on similar initiatives with the long term objective of making County Meath a better place to visit and live in,” said Ken.