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Hardy Bucks go online

Story by John Donohoe

Thursday, 5th October, 2017 6:54pm

Hardy Bucks go online

The Hardy Bucks.

Put down that ‘Tipperary Trance’ CD and get yourself online as RTÉ Player brings the adventures of Eddie Durkan and co. back into our lives with the complete Series 1, 2 and 3 of Hardy Bucks available to watch now!

The dream is well and truly over for Eddie Durkan as he finds himself on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams after losing his car and his woman in one night but sure, it’s nothing a packet of Banshee Bones and a trip to the ‘dishco capital of the world’ can’t fix.  Not Enniscrone… IBIZA!  Some people say the best thing about Castletown is the road out of it, but when the travel agent won’t take fifty euro and a Nokia 3310 for a deposit, the lads must go about finding some inventive ways to earn the much needed cash for their holiday.  From entering the Duncreavey Annual Lookalike Competition to a valiant attempt at becoming the King of the Town, catch up with Eddie and his wing-man Buzz as they navigate their way through life in an effort to raise some much needed funding for a holiday in Ibiza. 

In series 2, there’s no work in Castletown so Eddie Durkan has big plans on ruinin’ the craic and going Schtateside.  Think Tom Cruise, ‘Far and Away’ schtyle.  Eddie’s pal, French Toast has had it with the demon drink as he makes the switch to pints of milk and heads to AA meetings where there’s women and biscuits.  Buzz is plagued with a money mad MILF who loves the 3 L’s – Lovely Loaded Lads - but, can he make it 7 in a row?  Cruise on down to Shady Town and delve into the criminal underbelly of Castletown with the Viper as he plans to live the ‘Crème de la Crème’ of life and get rich or die tryin’, P. Diddy schtyle but, as his plans fall apart and he is the laughing stock of the town, he must find another way to pay off the Schligo boys.  Remember, if you dance with the schnake in the schnake bin, you’re going to get slithered on.

Hardy Bucks is the latest series box set to be made available exclusively on RTÉ Player following the release of Popstars and The Clinic earlier this year.  Winner of RTÉ’s drama competition, StoryLand, Hardy Bucks has become a phenomenon, as it explores life in small town Ireland for a group of 20 something slacker lads and their attempts to find the ‘craic’, wherever that may be.  Before the new series of Hardy Bucks arrives on RTÉ2 in the new year, join Eddie and his friends Buzz, French Toast and Boo who are always there to give him advice and help him find his mojo despite local drug dealer, The Viper, constantly trying to get one over on him.  Watch the entire series 1, 2 and 3 of Hardy Bucks now on RTÉ Player and revisit some of RTÉ’s most popular programmes as more series are set to become available on RTÉ Player including Fade Street and IFTA winning drama, Proof.

As they say in the Schtates, ‘Let’s Roll!’

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