€3000 for National Play Day in Meath

A grant of €3,000 has been announced for Meath County Council to provide playpacks for after school providers and a training day for teachers, group leaders and parents to deliver activities using the play packs.

The training day will take place on 16th July.

Minister Roderic O’Gorman, today announced that €90,000 has been approved to support National Play Day 2024.

This year, National Play Day can take place on any day or combination of days between 13th and 21st July (inclusive).

The aim of National Play Day is to promote play opportunities for children and young people all across the country, with this year’s theme being ‘Time to Play!’. This theme recognises the importance of both making and taking playful opportunities in your day.

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth received applications from 30 Local Authorities for this funding. All applicants qualified for the maximum amount of funding available - €3,000 per Local Authority.

The funding will enable Local Authorities to provide play opportunities for a diverse range of children and young people in the community.

Among the items funded are active play packs that target a number of harder to reach children, including; children with additional needs, children at risk of play deprivation and children in temporary accommodation. This is alongside a variety of outdoor community events across the country.

Welcoming the announcement, Minister O’ Gorman said:

“National Play Day is more than just a day of fun, it’s a celebration of the fundamental role that Play has in all of our lives. Through play, children learn to navigate the world and develop their social skills. Play is essential for their physical, emotional and cognitive growth.

"By dedicating a day to play, we are recognising its importance, and encouraging communities to come together and make time for play”.