Comedian Rory on marathon journey to raise autism awareness

Ashbourne comedian, Rory O'Connor, aka ‘Rory's Stories’ will run the Dublin Marathon in aid of AsIAm and is urging dads of Autistic children across the country to come together with pride, not only to train with him for the marathon but also to create a space where they can openly discuss their experiences and challenges.

The father of an autistic child, Rory is passionate about raising awareness of autism. "From my experience and conversations within the Autistic community, I've noticed that mams often bear the brunt of the worry that comes with having an Autistic child and are more likely to discuss it with friends. My own son is Autistic and has sensory and communication issues. While he’s doing well, I constantly worry about his future and want him to have the same chance as others as he grows up. I wanted to reach out to other dads in Ireland to let them know they’re not alone in their fears and give a sense of pride in our amazing children. This is an opportunity for men to come together, build a bond, and support each other," said Rory.

In the lead up to the marathon Rory will be generating content for his platforms, documenting his journey and further expanding the reach to drive Autism awareness and support. He is calling on people to donate to AsIAm in the run up to the marathon and has set up a Go Fund Me page.

Adam Harris, CEO of AsIAm (pictured left with Rory), said: "Rory's commitment to raising awareness and fostering a supportive community for fathers of Autistic children is very much needed. His efforts will undoubtedly make a significant impact, encouraging more open conversations and a stronger sense of unity."

For more information on how to join Rory in training for the marathon and to stay updated on his journey and donate follow Rory's Stories on social media and visit @rorysstoriesofficial or visit