All about Evy's as new retro-modern café opens in Trim

Baton passes from one family to other at landmark Haggard Street premises

Evy's, the fabulous new cafe which was officially opened in Haggard Street, Trim on Thursday is proving to be a huge hit with local customers, visitors and shoppers.

This new coffee shop has been opened by Steven Nally, owner of the SuperValu supermarket next door and his wife Yvonne, after whom the café is named.

Daniel, Hannah Mae, Steven, Yvonne and Nathan Nally at Evy's Café opening in Trim.Photo: Gerry Shanahan Photo by Gerry Shanahan

With its beautiful decor and mouth-watering sandwiches, cakes and coffees, it is attracting a lot of customers who are enjoying high quality food in welcoming attractive surroundings.

Yvonne Nally, Nicola Tobin, Nuala Tobin and Steven Nally. Photo by Gerry Shanahan

Steven and Yvonne opened the new cafe in what was the old Tobin's newsagents - which closed in 2022. It's about 10 meters from the SuperValu front door.

“Nikki Tobin ran the newsagents. Nikki and her mother, Nuala, came to the official opening and Nuala cut the ribbon for us. I thought it was a nice 'passing of the baton' from one family business to another. The Tobins are a great Trim family,” says Steven.

Nuala Tobin said a few words at the opening with Yvonne Nally Photo by Gerry Shanahan

Steven, Yvonne and manager, Sandra Foley, opened the cafe on 7th June for their own SuperValu staff initially - to allow for staff training - allowing them to eat and drink there for free over the Friday and Saturday.

“It meant a low pressure environment for the new staff to get up to speed. Then we opened properly on the Monday. We called it a 'soft opening', and then we had the officially opening on 20th June."

Yvonne Nally and Aine Ni Churraoin Photo by Gerry Shanahan

Sandra Foley, the manager, has worked with the Nallys for years in the bakery in SuperValu Trim. She's a brilliant confectioner with loads of experience and had her own cafe years ago in Dunshaughlin. More importantly she's huge enthusiasm for the cafe and has a real flair with fresh foods.

Sandra Foley and Yvonne Nally. Photo by Gerry Shanahan

Evy's serves sandwiches, cakes and treats, pies, sausage rolls, acai bowls and power breakfasts (granola, yoghurts and fresh fruits). Everything is prepared in the new kitchen in the SuperValu - which was built only this year. The serve the well known brands of Frank & Honest coffee and Mood Ice cream - overall a really nice offering, but they hope to evolve as time goes by - and introduce new lines, many with a healthy slant.

Eimear Anderson (centre) takes an order from customers at the newly opened Evy's Café, from left: Ann Monaghan, Vicki Rispin, Agnes Bruvere, Emear Anderson, Clare Looney and Sandra Callis. Photo by Gerry Shanahan

A lot of the food is prepared by Anna, Magda and Melissa. They already do a lot of the in store meals that sell so well in the SuperValu. Sandra and Aine - who has worked for Nallys for a couple of years in the deli work in the cafe itself. Aine also has loads of experience and while the rest of the staff are new recruits - they're learning on their feet and doing brilliant!

All the food is sourced through Musgraves and they first and foremost use Irish suppliers wherever possible. Musgraves are a family business themselves and a huge Irish employer. They also create a large amount of spin off jobs. Their sustainability charter is very genuine - and they support hundreds of small food producers in Ireland.

Aine Ni Churraoin, Emear Anderson, Vite Zardeckaite, Sandra Foley, Yvonne and Steven Nally Photo by Gerry Shanahan

Evy's interior was designed by Tap and is retro-modern. The design combines vintage charm with modern aesthetics, marrying iconic furniture pieces from different eras and experimenting with bold colour palettes and varied materials. The style integrates nostalgic elements, such as mid-century chairs and retro patterns, within a clean and airy contemporary layout. The result is a timeless yet current space that balances old and new with harmonious flair.

Interior of Evy's Café. Photo by Gerry Shanahan

SuperValu Trim has been in the Nally family since 1987, when Steven's father bought it. “The population was quite small then and he was told he was mad! Dad retired in 2003 and I've ran the shop since then. My wife Yvonne is also involved in the business and we have three children together.”

Aine Ni Churraoin and Vite Zardeckaite. Photo by Gerry Shanahan

Evy's cafe is open seven days a week from 8am and during the summer, because ice cream is a big part of the cafe, they open until 8pm in the evenings - and during the winter months they will close at 6pm.

Photo by Gerry Shanahan