Residents in fear of further accidents at Athboy N51 bend

Residents in the Causestown area of Athboy are living in dread of further accidents on a bad bend on the N51 which has been the scene of countless crashes, including at least one fatal collision.

The bad bend on a national road has been scene of at least 20 accidents in the past two years, according to local resident, Anthony Farrell.

"We had a fatality there last year, then just last week, we had a motorcyclist injured, a lorry jack-knifed on it a few weeks ago. there have been many very serious collisions on it. We had a jeep overturned there a short while ago and a man very badly injured," he said.

"We live just 200 metres off the road and regularly are the first to come across an accident. It can be very traumatic. We are always seeing the ambulances, fire brigades and helicopters rushing to the scene. If something isn't done about that bend, it is only a matter of time before there is another tragedy."

Mr Farrell said it is a bad bend on a hill. "It is on a very busy national road with traffic travelling through to Mullingar and the west. It is always busy."

He said they received an information leaflet in the last few weeks about works to be carried out on the road.

"Whether or not these works happen is another thing. I hope they do something with it to avoid more accidents."

Cllr Mike Bray said that the dangerous state of the road is a huge concern to local residents.

"There have been tragedies and a lot of crashes, motorists using that road and residents are very concerned.

"Last year I tabled a motion on behalf of local residents and road users in relation to the dangerous road and the high number of accidents in the area."

Cllr Bray recently received a response from council management which said a topographical survey had been carried out and the council was finalising a proposal to seek funding from Transport Infrastructure Ireland and it was anticipated that the final proposal would likely require co-operation from adjacent landowners.

"Subject to agreement with all the stakeholders, the council intends to progress works in the third or fourth quarter of this year," according to the council response.”