Sewerage floods into Navan home during yesterday's heavy rain

A Navan man's home has been destroyed by sewerage, which flooded in his back door on Sunday afternoon, during the heavy rains.

PJ McMahon, who had just been discharged from hospital on Friday was devastated to see his home destroyed as raw sewerage and human faeces flooded into the ground floor of his house at Mellowes Tce.

The sewerage spewed out through the tarmac on the back road of the terrace and flooded down into Mr McMahon's garden and house.

"I didn't realise what was happening. I had sat down to to my dinner. I'm not very well and felt very warm, so decided to open the back door for a few minutes. As soon as I opened the door the sewerage just came in on top of me, it just flowed into the house. It was like a river or Niagara Falls. I got it hard to shut the door and by the time I had it closed the damage was done, it was gone though the house. It was very fast flowing.

"My entire back garden and the ground floor of the house is destroyed with sewerage.

"The smell is terrible I am just not able for this. My head is wrecked.

"Three lads from next door came and helped me wash some of it away, but everything downstairs is ruined."

Mr McMahon was wearing a mask as he waited for an insurance assessor to arrive.

He said the sewerage also got into one of his neighbours homes.

"It came up from under the tarmac on the road at the back of our houses. There is a drain there that nobody seems to be able to open but it came up through the tarmac and into my garden and house.

"The house was perfect yesterday and now there is sewerage everywhere. My daughter wants me to stay with her but I like to be independent."

The Mayor of Navan, Cllr Eddie Fennessy said he was shocked to see the level of damage caused to Mr McMahon's house.

"Human waste is littered across his garden, and his carpets are soaked through with the same. It is unhygienic and hazardous and needs to be removed by a trained professional.

"I contacted Irish Water and requested an immediate call out. Mr McMahon can't be expected to stay at the property until the damage has been repaired. I'm calling on Irish Water to put him up until the works have been completed. "

A spokesperson for Meath County Council said it was a matter for Uisce Eireann.

Uisce Eireann have been approached for comment.