Megan and James with baby Clover. Photo: Gerry Shanahan

Home delivery... Proud Kells grandmother assists with birth of baby Clover who had no time to wait on an ambulance!

A KELLS baby was in a huge hurry to make her entrance into this world recently.

In fact, she was in such a rush, little Clover Lynch O'Reilly arrived at home with assistance from her grandmother.

Jennifer Lynch is the proud granny who helped daughter, Megan as she gave birth to baby Clover, who had no intention of waiting around for an ambulance or midwife.

“I'm still in shock, it was all so fast, but she's a beautiful baby and they are both doing well,” she said.

Little Clover, who weighted in at 6lbs 13oz on 19th March, is Megan and her partner James' second baby. They have another girl, Fiadh.

“It was very dramatic, but James and I knew that if we panicked, Megan would see the worry.”

On the day of Clover's arrival, Megan had cooked dinner for the family in their home in Blackthorn Close.

“We had dinner around 6pm and when we had it eaten, Megan said to James that they might have to go to Cavan that evening, as she was having twinges, but nothing major.

“She went for a shower and then I heard James calling from the bathroom. James was with Megan, who was sitting on the toilet, saying she needed to push.

“I could see the head. We got her off the toilet and brought her to the bed and rang the ambulance.

“Megan said 'this cannot be happening'.

“We called the ambulance at 7.18pm and Clover was born at 7.20pm. The ambulance arrived 20 minutes later.

“The lady on the other end of the phone talked us through it all. I told her that my daughter was going to give birth any minute - I could see the head looking at me.

“She told me not to be nervous, to keep calm and she'd talk me through it.

“She was great. I'd love to know who she was, but at the time, we didn't think to ask. We put her on loudspeaker and it was as if she was there with us, telling us what to do.

“All three of us were terrified because it happened so quickly.”

“When she got to the bed, I could see the head and the next push she gave, the baby landed in my hands.

“The lady told us to have a towel and a shoelace ready. Everything went well. I had to make sure her airway was clear. She just gave a little yelp and looked up at us and I tied the cord with the shoelace.

“It was quite an experience. When I left the bedroom, I remember asking my partner, if it had really happened.”

Although Clover was not due until 27th March, she was perfectly fine after her rapid arrival.

“The paramedics thought they were coming to the house to deliver a baby, but instead she was here waiting for them. They checked her over and she was fine and they brought her to Cavan Hospital, where she was checked by a paediatrician and then she had her first feed, although it was three hours later.

“Megan and Clover are both doing very well, although I think we are all still in shock. Fiadh is delighted with her new sister. She is like a mini mammy with her.

“It was quite an experience, a lovely experience. I couldn't describe how I felt that night,”

As well as Clover and Fiadh, Jennifer's other grandchildren are Nathan (14) and Madison (8) and step grandson, Jason (19).

“I've another grandchild on the way in May, but I won't be delivering that baby, once was enough,” she laughs.