The former Dorey's Forge pub in Moynalvey is to house 29 international protection applicants from Monday

Liaison committee formed in Moynalvey ahead of arrival of 29 refugees

Local residents in Moynalvey have formed a reception committee in relation to the proposed housing of 29 asylum seekers at the former Dorey's Forge pub, who are due to arrive on Monday.

A proposal to set up the reception committee was adopted at a well-attended meeting held on Tuesday night in Moynalvey GFC in relation to the planned housing of international protection applicants at the former Dorey's Forge pub, now known as Collegelands Forge.

Local resident Ronnie Munck said: "Attendees were very conscious that the proposal was causing considerable anxiety in the area and many questioned the suitability of the venue. Notwithstanding that, it was felt that the community needed to be proactive in supporting Meath County Council in its reception and integration efforts.

A large crowd attended Tuesday night's meeting to provide information to the Moynalvey community in relation to the proposed accommodation of 29 refugees in five apartments at the former Doreys Forge pub in the village. Photo by David Mullen

"The local residents group that had recently completed a community survey in relation to the proposal was asked to lead on this, given that it is best placed locally to both support and monitor the initiative. Its members include all the neighbours directly adjacent to Dorey’s Forge. In total eight households have agreed to contribute the formation of this reception committee."

They met last night and set up the Collegelands Liaison Committee to liaise with Meath County Council and the service provider.

The objectives agreed by the committee are to support the Integration Team and monitor the fulfilment of all commitments made by the service provider in relation to this vulnerable group.

The draft terms of reference include: ongoing liaison with Meath County Council integration team to assist them in any way they can; organising ‘soft support’ in the area with activities, toys, cakes, etc and also sports to aid in integration; to work under the direction of the integration team to maintain ongoing monitoring of the situation on the ground catching problems before they develop; acting as a hub to engage other voluntary organisations in support of this initiative; to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Council on the ground; and to take joint initiatives with Meath County Council as appropriate.

The refugees, who the Department of Integration have confirmed will all be families, are due to be accommodated at Collegelands Forge from Monday. They will be accommodated in five apartments within the property.