CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Professionals at Life Planning in Dunshaughlin, managing director, Kelly-Anne Quinn, and Brian Dunphy.

Helping with your Financial Life Planning

Dunshaughlin company offers expertise in investment and retirement goals

Life Planning, a financial planning service based in Dunshaughlin prides itself on helping clients achieve a secure and enjoyable future by creating holistic, tailored plans that align with each person's values and goals.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals Kelly-Anne Quinn and Brian Dunphy have a combined experience of over 50 years in the financial services industry.

Throughout her extensive career, Kelly-Anne has held diverse roles in both Life and Pensions companies and Broker firms. She takes great pride in her specialised knowledge and expertise in pensions. Brian was responsible for conduct oversight with one of the country’s large institutions and contributed to their reputation for ethical and responsible financial practices.

They have both undertaken advanced qualification in retirement planning, investment management and risk management and also attained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation which is widely recognised as the highest standard of qualification in the field of financial planning.

Kelly-Anne believes in client-focused financial planning and works with individuals to help them realise their future goals.

"Financial planning is a critical component of achieving financial security and peace of mind, especially as one approaches significant life changes like retirement, " said Kelly-Anne.

"We encourage people to take proactive steps in managing their finances and seek professional advice when needed, so they can ensure a more secure and enjoyable future," she added.

"Our clients are individuals who are facing future financial changes and are looking for guidance, such as retirement, redundancy or inheritance. We use tools to give them a visual representation of their financial future and together devise strategies to ensure financial security."

Taking a personalised and holistic approach for every client is key for Kelly-Anne and the team at life planning as she explains:

"We help people to achieve their financial goals whether that's buying a car, saving for a deposit or their retirement," she says. "It's not about setting a budget that people have to live by, it's about setting out where you are spending your money and how much you can afford to put aside to achieve the goals that you want out of life.

"We take a holistic view on the basis that everyone's goals and needs are unique. By focusing on what a client's goals are and looking at their assets and liabilities we can create a personalised plan."

Planning ahead makes it easier to achieve your financial goals according to the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ professional.

"The sooner you start putting plans in place to save for the milestones that you want, the less money you have to put aside per month to achieve them," said Kelly-Anne.

"For things like pensions, the longer you are contributing to it, the greater the tax benefits. It is about managing money affectively," she added.

"People often think they are not in a position to plan, they think they need money to plan but it is about restructuring. It might be only small changes now, but they make a big difference down the line."

Financial jargon can be intimidating and confusing, making it difficult for individuals to make informed decisions about their money, something Life Planning is trying to change according to Kelly-Anne.

"We are dedicated to breaking down complex financial concepts into simple, easy-to-understand language. We want you to feel empowered and in control of your financial choices."

Life Planning also deal with companies and offer assistance with company pension schemes and employee benefit packages as Kelly-Anne explains:

"With the ever-changing pension landscape and future auto enrolment we advise employers on their most suitable options and then give pension advice to the employees.

"We recommend that companies start looking at their existing pension arrangements now to prepare for Auto Enrolment.

They may want to restructure their existing scheme to ensure employees are receiving all tax advantages available to them. We offer scheme reviews and will prepare recommendation reports."

Kelly-Anne encourages anyone interested in putting a financial plan in place to get in touch.

"Whether you’re just starting out, dealing with financial challenges, or already on a successful path, we are here to support you."