'There is mould on the windows and they're always covered in condensation - it is horrific'

Residents in Navan's Tailteann estate are demanding improvements to their homes and say damp, mould, condensation and cold conditions are making their lives a misery

Residents of the Tailteann estate in Navan whose homes are cold and draughty and in some cases covered in mould, have called on Meath Co Council to carry out a door and window replacement programme in the estate.

The residents of the local authority estate have expressed concern for the health of their children who are living in houses where the wooden doors and windows are rotting, creating draughts and icy conditions.

More than 70 residents of the estate have signed a petition calling on Meath Co Council to carry out a windows and doors replacement programme.

Local resident Joanie Harford said she has a severe problem with mould in her home as some of her windows are hanging off and her back door is so bad, it won't lock.

"The windows are always covered in condensation and there is mould on the windows, particularly upstairs - it is horrific.

"I have to stuff a pillow case in one of the upstairs windows to keep it closed because it is hanging off. The back door won't lock and I replaced the front door myself. I cannot heat the house.

"We have have contacted the council, but nothing has been done.

"The houses are over 20 years old with wooden windows and doors. I am just one of a lot of people with these problems. In fact nearly everyone in Tailteann has same problems. The doors and windows need to be replaced."

Leesa McGarry says that every morning when she wakes up, her windows and windowsills are wet with condensation.

"I worry about my children because of the cold and the mould. I have two boys and one of them suffers from asthma. I try to keep the house warm but it is impossible. I worry that it is making him worse. He comes in after being in a lovely warm school and no matter how much heat I've on, it is so cold.

"The front door is falling apart and I have two bolts on it, trying t keep it together and huge breeze comes through it. I have 12 windows and the draughts from each window is terrible.

"The condensation is awful and there is mould growing on the windows and window sills.

"The house is always cold. Even in the summer we need to have the heating on a lot.

"My radiators are under the windows, so I try to block out the windows, otherwise the heat would all go straight out.

"The doors and windows are 20 years old. The walls are insulated well, but all the heat gets out through the gaps created by the rotting windows and doors.

"In some of my neighbours houses, you can actually see the cavity walls where the window frame has come away."

More than 70 people living in Tailteann have now signed a petition calling on Meath County Council to carry out a windows and doors replacement programme.

According to the petition; "Damp, mould, condensation and cold conditions are prevalent in every property on the estate. Winter months are particularly difficult for families, especially those with young children. We are aware of an existing windows and doors replacement programme currently being carried out on the Claremont Estate. We would like the council to initiate a similar scheme on the Tailteann Estate. We trust Meath County Council will give due consideration to our request and implement same without delay."

Local election candidate, Caoimhe Ní Shluain, was canvassing in the estate and was shocked by what she saw.

"At nearly every house we went to, there were the same complaints. The windows and doors are chipping and rotting. They need replacing and the houses are very cold.

"I've seen towels stuffed into windows to try and stop draughts. I could see daylight coming through the holes in some of the windows. There is condensation and mould in most of the houses. I saw tea towels stuffed around letter boxes and every house has draught excluders.

"A lot of residents are very angry and worried about their children - there are a lot of children with asthma.

"Their GPS are telling them how their home environment is very important. These draughty, damp homes are not conducive the raising families."

The Mayor of Navan, Cllr Eddie Fennessy said he fully supported the residents call for a windows and doors replacement programme on the Tailteann Estate.

"Tailteann was built over 20 years ago. Material quality requirements and build standards have moved on significantly since then. The houses are long overdue an upgrade.

"We tabled a motion to the February Municipal District meeting calling for a windows and doors replacement programme at Tailteann. I urge the council to listen to the residents and upgrade the houses as quickly as possible."

A spokesperson for Meath County Council said any tenants experiencing problems with their properties should contact the Customer Services Team on 049-9097000 or customerservice@meathcoco.ie