Family and friends who came together to make 'Christmas' very special for the Fleming family last September. Réailtín got to celebrate the big day itself on 25th December.

Kildalkey community rallies around brave Réailtín and her devoted family

The kind-hearted community of Kildalkey is rallying around the family of little Réailtín Fleming as it is feared her brave fight to stay in this world is coming to an end.

Réailtín mercifully got to celebrate Christmas, their second festive celebration of the year. When brave seven-year-old Réaltin was very ill last August, her worried parents, John and Joan and brother Rian, feared she wouldn't make it to 25th December, and decided to bring the festive season forward to September.

The family got together, planning everything to perfection and it was quite a celebration with a Christmas tree, presents, Christmas dinner and even a snow machine and the Flemings all got to celebrate it again on 25th December.

Réailtín, whose name means 'Little Star', has proved to be a real fighter. She wasn't expected to survive more than a month or two after she was born, but defied all odds and celebrated her seventh birthday last January.

She was born with Trisomy Mosaic 9 and Dandy Walker Syndrome, with holes in her heart. She is also deaf and blind.

She entered her family's lives in 2016, immediately stealing their hearts. Unfortunately she was born with a bewildering myriad of debilitating conditions, which lead doctors to predict she would live just a few months at most.

“She was never meant to see her first birthday, but now she is seven. She has inherited her mother's stubborn genes and her father's too. She decided she wanted to hang around for a bit,” says John.

Speaking to the Meath Chronicle before Christmas, doting dad John said:

“We have a few bad weeks and then she improves, but unfortunately the good periods are getting less frequent. When she is good form she chatters away. We are hoping she will make it to her eight birthday on the 15th January, but we just take each day as it comes.”

Sadly, the family now fear she won't make that milestone. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the family financially through this desperately sad period.

Neighbour and organiser Ursula O'Connor said the community was fundraising for their "beautiful little princess" Reailtin from The Meadows, Kildalkey.

"We are all familiar with Reailtin story and the amazing journey she has had so far. Sadly she had fought as hard as she can to stay in this world with her family but her time is running out. As friends of the family, would love to try and help them during and after this extremely difficult time and take some of the financial burden from them, so that they can enjoy every single moment with her. Anything, you could give, no matter how big or small would be greatly appreciated."

The Jack and Jill Foundation has been very helpful to Réailtín and her family.

“They provide nursing most night when things are bad and Rian held a fundraiser for the foundation last year and raised €4,500 for them.”

If you would like to support the Fleming family at this extremely difficult time you can find the details here.