Hats off to Robinstown NS pupils getting a head start on entrepreneurship!

Enterprising students from sixth class in Robinstown NS have been busy producing woolly hats as part of their successful 'Happy Hats' business venture, selling 50 hats in one night alone.

Sixth class of Robinstown NS entered the Junior Entrepreneur programme in October with the class dividing into groups to come up with a business idea.

Principal Shane Foley told how the children came up with four business ideas including ‘Yum Yum Jam’, ‘Happy Hats’, ‘Variety Key Chains’ and ‘Names and Frames’.

The four groups then had to present their prototype product and business plan to a 'Dragon's Den' style committee. All groups presented their product, market research and costings to the Dragons.

"It was an incredibly competitive process and all groups performed very well," said Mr Foley adding that ‘Happy Hats’ were the eventual winner.

"We were also very thankful for the visit of local business woman, Linda Nelson from The Zone Activity Centre. She conducted a question and answer session with the pupils from sixth class. This gave the students great ideas and the courage to proceed with the Happy Hats business idea.".

Sixth class then proceeded with the 'Happy Hats' business plan. They arranged themselves in small groups to cover the areas of further market research, sourcing material for hats and finally production of the hats. They also invested in specialised equipment and are knitting the hats using a Sentro knitting machine.

Each hat is tagged with the 'Happy Hats' logo and individually gift wrapped.

The children have sold lots of hats to pupils and teachers and Mr Foley said the order book is "very healthy indeed".

The school's Christmas concert took on 12th December and in excess of 50 hats were sold on the night.

"We would like to recognise the huge effort put in by the children of 6th class. They have been working nonstop on the production of Happy Hats, both at home and at school. It has been noted by many parents that a spark for business has been ignited in all the children of sixth class- our entrepreneurs of the future!" said Mr Foley.

"A very special word of thanks To Miss Foley, Miss Byrne and parent Bernadette McLoughlin for all their effort and support for this wonderful initiative.”