A selection of unique designs created by Deeca Design founder, Deirdre Caulfield.

Kell stage-builder turned jewellery designer turning heads with stunning designs

A STAGE-BUILDER turned jewellery designer whose career has taken her as far as Glastonbury and India will be taking centre stage at Ireland’s largest gathering of craftspeople in the RDS this December.

Deirdre Caulfield from Kells, whose work in stage building and carpentry brought her around the world, from the UK's Glastonbury Festival to far-flung projects in India, will feature at Gifted, the Contemporary Craft and Design Fair, which takes place at the RDS from 6th-10th December.

"I used to do stage building, stage design and carpentry for events and music festivals around the world, even Glastonbury, which felt like a big career moment," said Deirdre.

“More recently, I've been creating design features off-site for festivals, like lanterns for Body and Soul.”

When the pandemic paused her professional travel, she moved back into her family home in Meath and began working on Deeca Design from her parents’ garden shed.

"It isn't easy moving back into the childhood home as an adult but I had this idea that I really wanted to see through," said Deirdre.

"I've always been really interested in architecture and that's why I've incorporated materials like sustainably sourced hardwoods and marble into my jewellery.”

Deirdre had the idea to take the materials she was using for construction in her work and to reduce them to a wearable scale.

"I know that hardwood wouldn't be considered a precious material, like diamonds or gold, but I had this idea of framing it as a kind of precious natural material and that's what I've been exploring with my designs," said Deirdre.

“The use of hardwood really ties into the family business, I come from a family of joiners and now my brother, sister and mum are all working on (tableware and kitchen accessories) Caulfield Country Boards.”

Coming from a family of creative entrepreneurs inspired Deirdre to establish Deeca Design but she is a one-woman band when it comes to jewellery making."