Dart West line to the M3 Parkway extension plan

CIE continues to plan for the extension of the Dart West line to the M3 Parkway at Pace and has responded to a request for a further information on the Railway Order application.

The Railway Order application seeks permission to extend the electrified DART network from Connolly/Spencer Dock area to west of Maynooth and to M3 Parkway. It is set to be the first major Railway Order application under the current National Development Plan.

Funded by the National Transport Authority, under Project Ireland 2040, DART+ West will provide a greatly enhanced passenger carrying capacity with increases of more than 160per cent.

The planned infrastructure improvements include: 40Km of electrification and re-signalling of the Maynooth and M3 Parkway lines to the city centre, to allow more trains operate, and more sustainably.

Cllr Maria Murphy welcomed the extension of the Dart to Pace and the link in with the Luas line.

This work will allow for an increase in the size of carriages and the frequency of trains. It will double the capacity and the frequency of trains.

"The next step will be the extension of the line to Navan."

She said that the line to Navan is currently at design stage and is expected to be delivered by 2032.

Cllr Nick Killian said that if Minister Eamonn Ryan seriously wants to take cars off the road, he needs to deliver the extension of the railway line to Navan, sooner rather than later. "The current bus service from the county to Dublin is shambolic," he said.