Bono and Gavin Friday during the making of the animation of the modern retelling of Peter and the Wolf. Photography by Ross Stewart.

Reworking of Gavin Friday and Bono's 'Peter and the Wolf' for Irish Hospice Foundation

This week saw the launch of the modern retelling of the Prokofiev classic 'Peter & The Wolf' by award winning artist Gavin Friday and visuals based on Bono’s original illustrations.

The retelling of Peter & The Wolf, published by DK, was originally developed by Gavin and Bono 20 years ago in support of Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) and that relationship continues today.

“This book has always had a special meaning for me and I am delighted to be bringing it to life again through new illustrations and formats to support the work being done by Irish Hospice Foundation," Gavin Friday said.

"The sound track is also released this week and an animation later in the year. Being able to create this new version of Peter & The Wolf means that a whole new generation can enjoy it.”

Paula O’Reilly, CEO of Irish Hospice Foundation said: “We are thrilled to have Gavin at the launch and for his ongoing support for this project. We all grieve for loved ones who have died and the book is able to share those feelings in a child friendly way which also resonates for adults”.

Gavin Friday and Bono during the making of the animation of the modern retelling of Peter and the Wolf. Photo by Ross Stewart

Irish Hospice Foundation is a national charity that addresses dying, death and bereavement in Ireland. Our vision is an Ireland where people facing end of life or bereavement, and those who care for them, are provided with the care and support that they need.

Through advocacy and education, and the provision of services such as Nurses for Night Care and the Bereavement Support Line, Irish Hospice Foundation works to ensure that every person in Ireland can die and grieve well, whatever their age and wherever the place.  For more information see

Gavin Friday is an award winning singer and songwriter. His rich career has spanned four decades, and has seen him collaborate with U2, Maurice Seezer, Sinead O’Connor and Quincy Jones. He has also created music for Academy Award nomination films such as In the Name of the Father and In America.

Gavin has not only written the words that make up this revival of Peter & The Wolf but the animated short film features his narration along with the Friday/Seezer musical reinterpretation of the Prokofiev classic.