Helen McEntee calls for increased implementation of average-speed cameras

By Cillian Sherlock, PA

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has called for increased use of average-speed cameras.

Ms McEntee said the technology should be a daily feature in a driver’s journey.

She said investment in mobile speed-camera “GoSafe” vans had doubled across the country but that average-speed cameras need to be “looked at more”.

The minister signalled that increasing the use of average-speed cameras could lead to a reduction in the road policing unit.

Speaking to reporters at a garda presentation tent at the National Ploughing Championships, she said the road safety measure had been successful in jurisdictions such as Scotland.

“They use average speed cameras much more. They have less of a road policing unit, they use technology in a different way and I think it’s something we need to look at.”

Ireland currently has average-speed cameras on the M7 motorway and the Dublin Port Tunnel.

She said there had been a high level of compliance with speed limits on these routes.

Ms McEntee said: “So, if you were to apply that to certain stretches of roads that we know are really dangerous, that are black spots, I really think it would make a difference.

“Whether it’s fixed cameras, average speed cameras, GoSafe vans, we need to use technology to work to reverse some of these trends.”