Images courtesy Martin Weldon.

WATCH: Crowds gathered to watch the 248-metre high longwave mast topple 37 years after controversial construction

There was champagne popping and delighted cheers as the highly controversial 900 foot high longwave mast at Clarkstown, Summerhill was dismantled this morning after 37 years.

It was an emotional day for the local community who fought a furious four year battle against the erection of a gigantic steel structure in the quiet countryside.

Crowds gathered on various local roads to watch the mast topple to the ground, nearly four decades from its initial proposal.

Crowds gathered to watch it topple to the ground

At 248 metres high, the mast was more than double the height of the Spire in Dublin and was fiercely opposed by the local community who fought the proposal right up to the Supreme Court.

Martin Weldon , one of those living closest to the mast, was among those who gathered to watch. He had been involved in the initial campaign of opposition.

"We are very close to it and my two sons have houses here too. It was a nuisance, particularly at night with all the lights. We always had fears of the health impact and people around here have had health issues, but we could never prove the mast cause them.

"It only took seconds for it to fall. We only heard it was happening last night," he said.

"We are thrilled it is gone. I saw someone who was watching the demolition had champagne. It is great news for everyone."

Also watching the demolition was Cllr Brian Fitzgerald who was involved in the campaign 37 years ago.

"It is great news. I never thought I'd live to see this day. I'm delighted for everybody that this has happened.

"I am delighted for the local people that lived under it for so many years. It is very hard to quantify the health risks and the damage it has done to people because of the amount of radiation it created."

The proposal to build the mast and transmitter was met with furious opposition in the locality, where the small local community raised €50,000 almost 40 years ago to fight it through the courts.

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